Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So in my last post I mentioned that Devin had not been sick very much at all this school year. I think I cursed myself (well, him really). My poor baby has coxsackie virus. He is miserable. He had a fever that went up to 103.5* last night. We had a very hard time to get it to come down. All the while he was mostly pleasant. Laying in our bed with us at 3 o'clock this morning Devin was chatting away. His fever finally went down to about 100* around 7 am. He spent the day relaxing with Daddy and watching movies such as Toy Story and Nemo. They both enjoyed this!

This afternoon I could tell his throat was bothering him. Well, that plus he was screaming his head off. I took him in to the doctor's. He has very swollen glands and a nasty raw sore throat with sores. After a Negative strep test the doctor determined this is what was ailing Devin. He has hardly eaten and anyone who knows Devin knows that this is HIGHLY unusual behavior. The sad thing is that there is not much to do for this virus. I was told to treat the symptoms. We are giving him motrin for the fever and pain and cool wet things to eat (he did have applesauce, yogurt, and a few bites of ice cream plus a decent amount of water).

I have a feeling it will be a long next few days.......

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LauraC said...

Nate and Alex have had hand foot mouth twice. The ped said we could squirt 1tsp liquid maalox in their mouth every 4 hours to help with the mouth sores. That made a HUGE difference in their pain level.

Our ped also told us to avoid motrin and give tylenol instead bc it is less irritating to the mouth sores.

HFM was definitely one of the worst illnesses in our house!!