Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Toy...a little late

I got a new toy, I got a new toy!!!! I am a little late on the scene, but I (finally) got an I-Pod Nano!!! Its an early birthday present from my parents (VERY early, my birthday is not until July 17th). I never really had a need for one before, but now that I have been going to the gym, my I-Pod will come in very handy in helping to pass the time quickly!!

I just down loaded about an hour's worth of music (Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, old Christina Aguleira songs, Natasha Betingfield) but I am looking for some more suggestions. Come on- offer 'em know you want to!!!


MrsMoma said...

Happy (late) Birthday!! Don't worry, I just got a Zune. It's sorta like an I feel ya. LOL..they're so much fun though huh :)

Karla said...

Actually Kaycee, you are a month EARLY!!! Its not until July :) And thanks!