Friday, June 13, 2008


*Sometimes when I am bored I cook (because I enjoy cooking/baking). The problem with this is that I usually end up eating what I cooked, and often times more than I should. *sigh* Guess that self control thing just isn't working out for me.

*Do you ever have times when you are REALLY bored and you just want someone to come over and visit you, but no one is around to do so? Man, that makes me sound really lame.

*Devin is at that in-between sick stage. He was better enough to go back to the sitter's house yesterday, but not quite well enough to go out to the park, go on a play date, etc. That's why I am pretty bored, we have been in the house every afternoon all week long. I have watched more Noggin/Disney/PBS Kids than I care to admit.

*I started going to the gym last week. I am sore. My abs hurt (who knew I even had any?!?!), my knees hurt, and my leg muscles hurt. I guess that really tells me how much I need to KEEP GOING.

*Speaking of that in-between stage, the weather is at that in-between stage. Its beautiful out and don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. But its at the point where its not warm enough to justify the central air, but its too warm in the house without it. I am keeping it off for now because last night it got down to the 50s and I opened the windows and it was 64 in here when we got up!! Hopefully it cools off soon so the house can cool off.

*If Ruby has one more surprise birthday party, I just might SCREAM!!! Anyone with me on that one????


-Bridget said...

I'm glad Devin is doing better. Hope you cure your boredom soon. :-)

MrsMoma said...

LMBO! Who is Ruby?? haha.. I have boredom days like that too. I rack my brain thinking about who could come visit me.. lol!

Karla said...

Maaaax and Ruuby....Ruby and Max! (Noggin)