Sunday, June 15, 2008


I am so frustrated! I was so looking forward to going to the gym this morning and cranking my new I-Pod while I was working out, but (watch out- major whine-fest going to happen) I didn't get to!!! BOO!!!

Devin has not been taking easily to the whole gym daycare scene. He was starting to get there last week (after I stayed with him for a good 20 minutes) and then he got sick. When we brought him today, he hadn't been in a week. Well, I let Erick go off and get started and I tried to settle Devin in and get him playing. Nope, not happening. He was screaming and crying the bog ole tears kind of cry! It was awful! The first few times we went the daycare girls (not the same as the one who was there today) were really helpful trying to distract Devin. They went so far as to take out all of the firetrucks and buses when I mentioned that Devin liked those. Apparently the girl who was working today is not so fond of her job. She was not very friendly nor was she attentive to my child, or any of the others in there. When Devin didn't want to calm down (after about 20 minutes) and the "babysitter??" was still not interested in helping me or in carefully watching the kids I decided it was better to just leave.

On our way out we complained to the front desk. Their response you ask? "She is new." To which Erick responded "Then train her!" They also said, "Its not a high quality job." Really? What does that matter? What does that even mean? If she is being entrusted to watch people's children she needs to have clear set boundaries. She needs to know that you have to be friendly, you have to be attentive (yes, that means being in the same section of the room as the kids and watching what they are doing), she needs to have an understanding for children and developmental appropriateness. Please, if I am asking to much (maybe the education side of me) than give me a wake up call!!! Oh the management also said that they, "Could not provide special treatment!" Who the hell asked for special treatment?!?!?! Maybe the next time I get an unmotivated student (hopefully that chick's kid) I will respond with "Sorry I can't give any special treatment." No extra encouragement, no connecting with my students, and certainly NO LISTENING TO THEM!

UGH, sorry for the big rant and rave post but I am upset about this!

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JenFen said...

I would be frustrated too - I am sure when you signed up at the gym they talked up the great daycare feature and now they are not living up their promise. Being a SAHM, my kids are seldom in the care of someone who is not family so the first couple of times Jake did swim lessons and preschool last year were a bit of adjustment. The best advice I got was to say your good-byes and walk away. The teacher said they normally DO NOT carry on once you are gone. Maybe the next time the more friendly daycare personnel are there, you could try that and see if it works. Good luck!