Thursday, June 19, 2008

UPDATE on Frustrated

Back to the gym today. And this time I got to CRANK MY I-POD!!!!! Yay!

Erick is home today, as he gets his impacted wisdom teeth out tomorrow (a whole other story), so he decided that he would be the tough guy and bring Devin in to the gym daycare. Devin went in pretty willing, saying "No gym." but not crying. Erick dropped him off, and he cried but Erick still walked out (tough guy). Devin stopped crying shortly thereafter. He had fun playing with the toys and other kids. PLUS the "good workers" were there...not the "I-am- not- interested- in- my- job girl." We also asked the "good workers" their schedules.

Bottom line..don't bring him to the gym daycare on Sunday!

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Steph said...

Yay Karla- for both the ipod and the good workers...glad you have their schedule so you know when to bring Devin in to avoid the evil babysitter.