Friday, June 6, 2008

Cute Conversations

Mommy: Devin how was your day today? Were you a good boy?
Devin: I mime out. (I time out)
Mommy: You went to time out? What did you do?
Devin: Hit
Mommy: Who did you hit?
Devin: Weewee (Livi)

Who needs a sibling when he is going to tell on himself????


*discussing the Red Sox*

Devin: Big Papi boo boo.
Mommy: What happened to Big Papi?
Devin: Boo boo, wrist (as he is rubbing his forearm/wrist area)
Mommy: Can he play baseball?
Devin: No, Big Papi no play. D.S. (haha he meant D.L.- disabled list)

Think we've got our boy trained to pay attention to the Red Sox? He has since turned his attention to "Maaaannnny!" since Big Papi is out!

1 comment:

Steph said...

Too cute. Cooper likes to say "Go Sox" but that's about as far as he's gotten- Devin obviously reads the sports page or watches Sports Center! :)