Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good friends, Good times

This week-end was filled with lots of laughter and fun with my best friend in the whole wide world, Erin. Erin and I have been friends since I was 2 and she was 1. We think this is quite an accomplishment and we are pretty proud of ourselves for being there through it all! Sure, there have been times when we were not as close as other times, but the reality is that we are friends forver- long lost sisters if you will!!

Saturday Erin called and said that she and her boyfriend Shaun had gotten a hold of some Red Sox tickets and asked if we would like to join them that night in Boston. Of course Erick and I, being HUGE Red Sox fans, jumped at this opportunity and after confirming that my parents would take care of Devin we were off for a very long night of fun! The game was at 8:35. It did not get over until midnight and then we proceeded to continue our evening at a local bar. There was lots of fun and adventure, and we did not manage to arrive home until 4:00am!!!! Needless to say, I can not remember the last time I was out until 4 am!!! Actually, I don't even know if I have ever been out that late at all!!! LOL

Here are a couple of pictu
res of our night.

For some unknown reason Fenway chooses to sell some (a lot) of their tickets three in one row and one behind
them. Erick was a great sport and took the lonesome seat, while Erin, Shaun, and I sat if front of him.

Sunday we celebrated Erin's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIYAH!!! (Aiyah is the name Devin gave to Erin, his Godmother). We had a nice relaxing time hanginging out, eat, and enjoying eachother's company. Here is Erin opening up some of her gifts.

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