Thursday, May 15, 2008

One of My Favorite Moments

Its a picture of a picture, which is kind of silly in itself, but its one of my favorite moments of all time. A day or two into my four day hospital stay following the very scary emergency C-Section birth of Devin, I awoke to see Erick holding and cuddling our newborn baby boy (Erick was not quite asleep, but his eyes were definitely shut!)

I was instantly convinced that he would be the best Daddy!!! Erick is wonderful father and husband. He loves to spend time with me and Devin. In fact, Erick often tells me how he does not understand men who do not want to see their wife and kids/spend time with the family. Erick's favorite part of the day (he will tell you this if you ask!) is walking in the house after work because he is greeted with a (usually) smiling wife and happy toddler yelling, "Daddy! Its my Daddy!"

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MrsMoma said...

How sweet :)! I have a picture similar to that..they are very special!!