Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Computer

My COMPAQ laptop pretty much died yesterday. It has been "acting up" for a while now (think...months and months of frustration) so Erick tried replacing the hard drive over the week-end. When that didn't solve the problem (it got better for maybe a 1/2 hour and then got waaay worse) we realized it was the motherboard. We had been told it was probably the motherboard, but were in denial because we didn't want to have to buy a new computer. The laptop is only 2.5 years old. Darn technology dies fast!!!

Anyway, we decided to go with the Mac Book this time. We had heard lots of good things about Macs lately and thought- it certainly can't be worse than our dying laptop!!! So now we are in the midst of learning a new operating system. It is a LOT different than a Windows system, not bad, just different ~therefore there is a lot for us to learn!

Feel free to pass on any tips if you use a Mac!!

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