Friday, May 30, 2008

Hot Seat Answers

So here is the first of the "Hot Seat" questions....

Sharon, an old (almost lost) friend from jr high/high school, asked me "What do you enjoy most about being a Mom?"

To me, the most enjoyable thing about being a mom is just knowing that I, along with my husband, created this little person. I created, gestated, and birthed him and now I am raising him. Watching Devin grow and develop has been amazing. I thoroughly enjoy seeing how he changes each day. Devin is becoming a very humorous, loving, and caring boy.

His newest thing is, "You okay Mommy?" whenever I say OW or he thinks I might be hurt. How sweet is that?

The next question comes from Lisa, my wonderful friend from Babycenter. Lisa asks, "What is your dream house/location?"

My dream house is located in North Carolina. If I were brave enough (and not such a Mommy and Daddy's girl) I would want to move there for the beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, cultural and calm living, and beautiful weather (wait did I already say that?). I would own a 2,400 square foot ranch style home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a wonderful playroom for the kids, gorgeous master bed/bath, a two stall garage, and a screened in pool with hot tub nearby. (Not that I've thought about it at all!) Ahhhh, if only it was meant to be.

Please feel free to post more "Hot Seat" questions!!!


Zoey's Mommy said...

Awww!! That's so cute that he asks if you're okay! Zoey has been doing the same thing and it just cracks me up. I'm glad to know that I have such a caring daughter though! :)

So I have a question for you! What is one thing you wanted to do but never got the chance to before becoming a mom? Hope that makes sense!

LauraC said...

Sorry to have missed the hot seat! Your dream house sounds almost exactly like my house...4 bedrooms, 3 bath, big playroom downstairs, etc. We also have walk-up attic that is 500 sq ft that we'll finish in a couple of years.

The big difference is there are few pools in our town. Everyone joins community pools in their area so that you can hang with all the families.