Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Mommy

Devin's favorite word seems to be "NO!" Often he pairs this word with "Mommy" and that results in a phrase that drives me batty... "No Mommy." He says it with this deep whine, like I am hurting him. For instance, when I get him water but he wants milk, "Noooo Mommy." If I am trying to get him in his car seat and buckled up, "Noooo Mommy. I do it!" When I try to hold his hand to walk in public areas, "Noooo Mommy!"

Monday I took Devin on five errands- the post office, the card store, Fashion Bug, CVS, and Old Navy. He was (nearly) good as gold in all of these places. I couldn't have asked for better behavior from a two year old. Yesterday I took him to Old Navy to return a shirt we had bought the day before. I needed maybe five minutes all together to look for the right size and to return the wrong size. As soon as we walked in the store he began SCREAMING!!! He was trying to run away from me, hitting me, and screaming so I plopped him in time out right there in the men's shirt section. This, though, made him scream more. Associates and other customers began coming over to "peek" at the scene. I was so embarrassed!!!! Needless to say, as soon as time out was over we made a beeline for the register, returned the shirt, and left!!!! Ugh.....

Just before bed last night Devin was in an extremely cuddly mood. He has not been that cuddly in a while. Maybe that was just his way of apologizing to me and letting me know that my sweet boy was still in there....somewhere!?!?!

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